Why do some people succeed at weight loss while others do not?

As nutritionists we see clients for a wide range of dietary reasons but definitely a big part of what we do is to help people lose weight.  After years of consulting I have seen those that succeed losing weight and those that struggle.  I would say the single most important factor when it comes to losing weight is mental attitude.  This is why at RNC we focus not only on developing a personalised nutrition plan for each client we also focus a lot on behaviours, habits and developing strategies to achieve weight loss.  To lose weight you need the right attitude and focus.

There is a definite pattern when it comes to those who succeed with weight loss compared to those who don’t.  We can 100% guarantee if someone sticks to our plans and comes to regular appointments (so that we can adjust things if necessary) then they will get results (ok maybe 99% as there is probably 1% of people who have a health issues slowing down their weight loss – I say slowing down as there is no health issue that completely stops weight loss everybody burns calories!).

I have dealt with literally 100’s of people who have lost a huge amount of weight and there is definitely a personality difference between those who succeed and those who struggle (but that doesn’t mean all of those who don’t click with it to begin don’t go on to achieve their goals).

I should say here that our plans are not overly challenging to follow – they contain real food you can get from your supermarket, we include foods that you like to eat, the calories although reduced we don’t take them down to ridiculously low amounts or expect you to do 1000’s of hours cardio, we also don’t believe in eliminating whole food groups.  So it is fair to say that although yes most people who come to see us need to make changes (and that is why they have come to see us!) but we don’t do anything extreme when it comes making a weight loss plan.

When a client first comes in to RNC we have a one hour consultation.  This is quite an in depth one hour session where we talk about everything from the food plan, to their living situation, family, past issues that have prevented them losing weight and really anything we can iron out in the beginning so that they can start off on the right track.

Here are the behaviours and attitudes which I have noticed in those who have succeeded in weight loss (and keeping it off):

  • They accept right from the start they need to make changes and are open to what they need to do to lose weight
  • They will say “I will do it and yes I can do that” not “I will try” and “let’s see how it goes”.  They have already decided in their mind they will do what they need to do.
  • They don’t say “oh I’ll start in a few days” they are motivated enough to make the changes straight away and excited to be achieving their goals!
  • They accept that, at least to begin with, it is not going to be easy. There is a lot of truth in the saying “old habits die hard”.
  • And one big thing I notice with those who achieve their weight loss, is that they are so focussed on their goal they do not give up because of a little blip along the way that might make them maintain or even gain some weight.  They accept they can’t change the past but can only change the future.

I think of weight loss like a marathon.  A marathon runner doesn’t just stop after 10km’s and go “oh this is hard and I would much rather sit down and have a cold drink and relax”.  No, a marathon runner has put everything into that day and to crossing that finish line.  Yes they have trained for it but any marathon runner will tell you it is not just the training that gets them over the finish line it is their mental attitude - the relentless commitment to crossing that finishing line.

This is the kind of focus you need to have when it comes to weight loss.  Everyday will not be easy and there is no easy way to get there but doesn’t everything that is really worthwhile take hard work to achieve?  Keep focussed, truly want it and don’t give up because of a blip in the road (such as a change in routine, missing an exercise session or having an extra something to eat) keep moving forward and believe in the fact that your goals is so much bigger and so much more important – keep your mental attitude right and you will achieve your goals.