Happy New Year!

Do you want to kick start 2018 feeling amazing, improve energy levels, train harder, lose weight and all round just feel your best?

Start out like you mean to carry on! I often see people start out at full speed, exercising like mad and eating minimal food. This is setting yourself up for failure as it is almost always unsustainable for long term results. The best type of nutrition and exercise plan is one you can see yourself doing long-term and at the same time getting results. Although quick weight loss is appealing, losing 2 kg in a week counts for nothing if you put it all back on the following week. Even if it takes you a month to lose 1-2kg if it is sustainable by June you will have lost 6 to 12kg and at the same time you have enjoyed the process and made permanent healthy eating changes!

If your goal is to lose weight remember it's not all about weight loss. Having the right balance of nutrients is essential, this doesn’t mean calorie counting and reading labels it means having a wide variety of nutrient dense foods which provide all the vitamins and minerals needed for our body to run optimally and stay healthy. Sometimes we get so caught up in weight loss we forget about the importance of nutrition.

Start with making 3-4 changes each week. Here are some ideas of things to focus on:

Have breakfast each morning. Make a decision to ensure you have a healthy breakfast every day. If you are not used to having breakfast start small, you could try something like a smoothie or eggs. The most important thing to remember is to ensure you have carbohydrate AND protein to start your day off feeling full and with lots of energy.

Set some exercise goals. Decide how many times you can exercise per week and do it. The secret to success is self-discipline so write down your weekly exercise plan and keep yourself accountable.

Eat more vegetables. At lunch and dinner make sure half your plate is full of lots of different coloured vegetables. Different coloured vegetables means you are getting lots of different nutrients, packed with fibre and filling you up on the healthy stuff!

Eat a little less bought food. Drop one bought lunch/cafe breakfast/muffin snack per day. Take a healthy lunch box or snack along instead. Save money, and enjoy a healthier option.


Step 1. Think of some nutrition and exercise goals (and any other goals for that matter)
Step 2. Apply the S.M.A.R.T.I.E.S principle to your goals. Something you can stick to, Moderation, Achievable, Realistic, Time Efficient, Interesting, Enjoyable, Science-based.
Step 3. Set a time frame for each goal and make a list of the changes or actions you need to make each day to reach that goal.
Step 4. Start doing it and tick your goals off as you achieve them.

Have amazingly, fulfilling, goal achieving 2018!