February 9, 2017

Catherine Harvey

My success with clients comes from my down to earth approach and having achieved my own 35kg weight loss which gives me insight into what works based on my own experienes and keeping it off for 15yrs (through my own struggles I believe i know what works). I provide a life skills approach.

I don't believe in diets they don't work. I believe in a balanced lifestyle approach for long term success which includes good quality nutrition and fitness plan to achieve the best results possible.

I'm married and the mother of two boys, so I understand juggling family life alongside a career and taking time out to look after your wellbeing, If you dont take time to keep yourself well then how do you provide the best for your family?

I have over 30yrs experience in the pharmacutical industry and over 10yrs experience in nutrition.

I am very focused on helping people achieve their goals for a better, healthier lifestyle to promote energy & wellness and by feeling and looking fantastic.  I help you be at your very best, by keeping my clients focussed and accountable for their results and by providing knowledge and motivation.

I have had great success helping people achieve their goals of weight loss, increased energy & feeling their best.

My speciality areas are:  weight loss/pregnancy& post natal nutrition/all womens health & hormonal related issues(includes PCOS etc), digestive related issues/prevention & control of type 2 diabetes/elevated cholesterol/disease& health related issues/muscle growth

Faith is taking the first step even when you dont see the whole staircase (Martin Luther King Jr)