June 4, 2016

Helen Ross

  • BSc Nutrition and Psychology
  • Qualified Personal Trainer - Cert III and IV
  • Diploma in Business
  • World Cup Oceania Judo Champion and 4 x National Champion
  • NZ Registered Nutritionist with the Nutrition Society of New Zealand 

** As an NZ Registered Nutritionist your appointments with Helen may be covered by your medical insurance (please refer to your policy). 

Helen is passionate about helping her clients achieve optimal health to look and feel amazing!  Nutrition is all about habit forming, it's one thing to have a nutrition plan but with that you need the education and motivation to follow it.  That's where Helen comes in, she not only educates on healthy food choices but also provides strategies so that healthy eating becomes a way of life not just a passing phase.  

Helen was a NZ Rep athlete for over 15 years and during this time she gained first hand experience on optimal sport nutrition and how to stay at a weight required for her sport whilst also having maximum strength and energy for training and competition.  

Helen is Mum to 3 young boys and fully understands the importance of incorporating healthy eating the whole family can follow while also keeping it practical for a busy household. 

Helen is available for corporate seminars and workshops and has presented a number of corporate nutrition seminars and sports nutrition workshops. Prior to having children Helen also lectured for the NZ Jockey Schools in Auckland and Waikato and developed the NZQA nutrition education standard for the NZ Jockey schools throughout New Zealand. Helen has been a contributor for Goodhealth magazine, has made radio appearances on 1Zb, George FM and More FM, and a television appearance on TV3 Campbell Live.

Helen’s specialist nutrition areas are:    

  • Weight loss 
  • Sport Nutrition

  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding  

  • Management of diet related health issues 

  • Body sculpting

  • Corporate wellness  

  • Nutrition presentations/workshops/seminars