November 20, 2016

Weight Loss

Losing weight and keeping a healthy lifestyle is a huge challenge for many people. Everything matters! From the type of calories, timing of each meal, your metabolism and your hormone balance… That’s where we come in!  We understand that weight loss is not just about following a food plan, but is about putting strategies in place to overcome obstacles and barriers that may have prevented you from losing weight in the past!

We are here to help you to lose weight and keep it off while keeping a healthy lifestyle. This means no crash diets and no starving! Your personalised eating plan will outline portion size, timing of meals and a breakdown of all your dietary requirements of calories, protein, carbohydrate, fats, vitamins and minerals. Your eating plan will give you multiple options for each meal and snack with regular changes to ensure you don’t get bored!

Weight loss is achievable even if you have not succeeded in the past.  Our plans are not a fad or a temporary diet.  Our eating plans:

·        Are individualised to suit you and the foods you like to eat

·        Are made up of everyday foods you can get from your supermarket – no need to shop for “special” or overly expensive foods

·        Can be tailored to suit any food shopping budget

·        Can include your favourite foods and you can still enjoy social situations

·        Can be adjusted to suit cooking for your family

Throughout the programme our nutritionists motivate, educate and keep you accountable by taking regular measurements and working with you develop new habits to ensure your weight loss is a lifelong change.